En quoi un système électrique différent?


Sila Inua uses mainly AC currents for her everyday fonctions. DC current is reserved for storage and emergency backup. Have a look at the drawing. I found it avantagous for the following reasons:

  • the possibility to create a failsafe system at a much lower cost than an AC generator setup
  • AC is intricaly safer than DC despite the higher voltage used (medical level differential protection at 0.01A )
  • charging large banks of batteries is more efficient using AC chargers that DC alternators
  • 90% less maintnance than a conventional generator system
  • AC industrial equipment is available everywhere and more robust compare to light to medium duty 12V or 24V equipment

 For those interest, the special AC alternators used are here. And the inverters model is XTM3500-24, here. The main battery bank is made of dryfit OPzV 2V, here.