Quel est l'intérêt de ce bateau?


Simplicity of design makes Sila Inua safe, easy and inexpensive to operate and maintain.

  • born for unchartered waters: with a skin plating of 20 mm thick and no sea chest or opening in the watertight main compartment, the hull integrity is the best possible
  • Every system on board has been designed to be extremely simple and failsafe; simple to operate, simple to maintain

Sila Inua is well suited to many and varied use:

  • summer season: surveying, bathimetry and mapping, particularly in areas that are difficult for larger ships to access
  • winter season: she can be iced in and lived on, without support, making her a safe observation and research platform for specific remote locations

Of course, she is a pleasant and wonderful home for exploring the Arctic for pleasure.