Quel type de moteurs et pourquoi?


Sila Inua has two industrial Deutz BF4M, 4 cylinder, turbocharged, high pressure injection system engines.  Here is a factory test of the port engine.

The engines are dry exhaust and have a heat exchanger with the heating system of the boat so excess heat is not wasted. They are cooled by a 200 liter, closed circuit, keel cooling, installed in the propeller keels. There are no fittings outside the hull. The engines can be run in very shallow water and even on the dry. This is a secure system as there is no raw water pump to clog and no sea water in the engine room.

Deutz engines were chosen for their reliability, their mechanical high pressure system, which means low fuel consumption, and their ease of maintenance.  As we gain experience with the engines we will provide updates.