Une isolation spéciale pour l'Arctique?


The fixed goal was to go under 15 liters of fuel per day for heat, cooking and electricity in the coldest months of Arctic winter. 

Following Aurora Magnetica experience, we built a wooden boat inside the aluminium one, without any thermal bridge; a multilayer insulation system have been used. In order, starting from the hull:

  1. 8mm of projected natural cork to seal any thermal bridge
  2. 60mm of high density waterproofed stonewool
  3. 10 mm marine grade plywood
  4. 4mm of projected natural cork with silica to air seal the plywood
  5. 3mm of decorative natural cork sheets for the finish in the living quarters
  6. 10mm of projected natural cork for an extra thermal layer at the upperdeck level 

This provides fireproofing and allows the aluminum to be welded from the outside without having to remove the paneling nor the insulation. The projected cork does not burn easily and can withstand the heat of aluminum welding. As further protection, the stone wool also does not burn at this temperature.

Windows of the upperdeck are marine double glazing with thermal breaks, made of 10mm and 8mm hardened glass separated by a Krypton layer. Made to resiste to polar bears...

The round portholes are of 20mm and 6mm of acrylic glass.