Ce bateau est-il respectueux de son environnement?


Yes, that's the idea, we want to minimize our impact.

Sila Inua engines are low particulate emission. There is no fossil fuel generator onbord: we use the sun and the wind. Used fresh water is recycled. The engines don't reject hot water at sea, but recycle the otherwise wasted engines' calories.

Following Inuit hunters tradition, Sila Inua is very silent. She can operate in silent mode in winter as soundproofing have been carefully studied. The idea is to be able to study or film directly from the warmth of the boat polar bears or other animals when frozen in remote place (glazing are of photograph quality with a silicon treatment against frost). And fishs love our moonpool!

Other points to lower our impact are in rule onboard. Not only high tech, but logical ones: careful provisionning to avoid non recyclable containers, non-toxic paints and natural materials as cork instead of polyurethane have been preferred for the construction.